Consumed with the Wet/Dry Vote

I apologize to my readers who don't live in Athens, Alabama for having to read this...My wonderful city of Athens, Alabama has been consumed the past several months with the topic of going BACK to a dry city since going wet 3 years ago? Being a business owner right uptown on the square, I am in disbelief that this has made it to the ballot yet again. Tell me what is so bad about the progress we've enjoyed the past 3 years:
  • All the amazing energy and spirit going on around town?
  • The drop in DUI's for the past 3 years?
  • The increase in tax revenue STAYING in Athens instead of going to our neighboring cities?
  • The increase in businesses locating here due to the hot spot that we are?
  • The increase in funding for our schools? for our children--for our future?
  • The available tax revenue that has gone toward paving so many of our streets, making our city look so awesome and inviting from its many gateways of Hwy. 72 east and west and I 65 north and south?
  • The ordinances that have been well kept by city officials to control the way we live with alcohol in our city--our city will remain a classy, historical town because of this.
  • The great opportunity to have a choice in having a glass of wine with that awesome spaghetti at Giovanni's--have you been THERE yet? They wouldn't have settled here, bringing a whole new life and buzz to the square, without the legalized sales of alcohol.
As an FYI, I personally don't drink that often--in fact, I check the box, "rarely" on my medical records. But doctors and all health officials tell us that a daily glass of wine can be beneficial to keeping our hearts healthy and stress levels down. The past 3 years I've loved having the choice to buy a drink in my town if I choose to. I don't want that chance taken away. Do you?

To all my Athens brothers and sisters, I urge you to think about this topic (read articles and letters from the News Courier) and