Hot Temps Hot Shoots!

Seth and Anna were one of the cutest fun couples I've ever photographed. She is beautiful and so elegant, and he is handsome, charming and mischevious. They came to me last month wanting some good wedding photos since the ones they received from the contest at Six Flags didn't turn out like they wanted. Well, what can one expect when you get married on a roller coaster? Yes! They did! So Leslie and I referred to Anna as the "Roller Coaster Bride." They were up for anything, and I suggested we do a "We Did!" Shoot. These kinds of shoots are so much fun--the couple can just be themselves--very loving newlyweds, etc. This shoot also became a "Trash the Dress" Shoot as well. Trashing the dress is the biggest new thing in wedding photography. Just surf around the web a little and you'll see what I'm talking about. After a few shots in the studio, we headed outside and shot some stuff around downtown as well as out in nature. We braved a sunning snake getting into the creek in the later shots! We had a blast. Tell me what you think of these images--they go from elegant to fun to HOT! Look out!