"Cool" in Christ

Today at church, I had the pleasure of listening to some our youth guys (16 year olds) talk about a mission trip they took to the Dominican Republic to play baseball to the glory of God. Their experiences were so uplifting to the people there as well as to them. You know--the way God works--He gets you to the point of "selling yourself out for Him" and when you do, He gives you so much more back in return. The 4 guys from our church talked about that very thing--well, in their own words. They loved visiting the orphanages and simply playing with the kids. They had a ball playing baseball and then sharing the gospel afterwards. I was so proud of them! They have an experience behind them that will provide memories that shape their faith experience for the rest of their lives! God is good!

Something that one of the Dads, Ronnie Chronister, said was that the guys put down their cool to minister to these people, and how awesome it was to watch that! Well, I think that they discovered the real "cool" in being "cool for Christ." Jonathan, Keith, Kyle & Drew--I'm happy for you!....Over 140 lives were changed and given over to Christ on that trip! I just had to share this. This group was led by Eric Pugh and Score International Missions.