Ta Da!!!

Well, here is my new closet area in my studio!  I am so excited about it since I can now hide my mess of stuff that can accumulate after time.  It is going to be a great way to store my inventory of canvases I order for my workshops and Wine & Paint Nights.  

You can see the black drape that I can pull to close it in different ways as it slides across the track.  I am thrilled that I could "recycle" my black backdrop I used to use for my photography.  So does that make me a "green" studio since I recycled?  Oh, and Gus is posing for you.

Here is a close-up of the inside--my new rack and cool way of storing my table easels, getting them out of the way.  Ahhhhh, organization!  Feels so good.

My cool wall that our friend Rod built--just a simple wood wall that we left unfinished.  Thanks, Rod!  It turned out great!  We hung my old sign at the top, and I added a neat little thing we picked up at the Ikea store in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago--wire that holds clips of things...

My "things" of inspiration.  Everything from cards, quotes, pretty pictures (Founders Hall that I shot years ago), my workshop brochure, encaustic articles and on and on--just anything that will inspire thought and creativity will hang there!

And who did all this?  My sweet awesome husband Todd and our buddy Gus.  Aren't they handsome?

And Gus' crate gets to go right next to the new wall.  He loves it!  Even he is inspired!  He lay right near me tonight as I worked on a couple of new encaustic pieces.  He is going to be a great studio buddy.  Alas, I think I will be able to use my right brain this week!  Wish me that blessing!  I wish you all the best for a fantastic week...