God Wink, Synchronicity--Who Knows?

As some of you know, last November I  spent a weekend in a wonderful place, Gorham's Bluff over in East Alabama. Enjoyed my time there, and I even painted a small painting of the home/cottage I stayed in and left it as a token of thanks, etc.

This morning when I got back from my TV interview, I had this email:


I was watching you doing your spot on 48 TV this morning with Georgi Bragg. I love that painting of BB with Lucille!
My wife and I are staying at Gorham's Bluff for my birthday today. We're staying in the Blue Springs cottage. Right after the broadcast we got to looking at some of the artwork in the cottage and found some of your recent work!
I'm a Cad designer myself and I've always liked to paint and draw things. It just blew me away...
Anyway, I'm attaching a couple of pics from the cottage....

Well, I was blown away myself!  What do you think?  Was this synchronicity or God playing around with how small the world is and letting people connect in interesting ways?  It doesn't matter, it was just a really cool experience for that to have happened, and that this couple shared it with me.  Thank you!

But before that, I raced back to Athens after the interview to accept my friend Steph's invitation to come eat homemade blueberry pancakes with her.  I'm sure glad all the cops that were out had stopped other people!  But I so appreciate my friends!  They take such great care of me.  Look at these photos of these gorgeous pancakes and my sweet friend in her pj's.  The pancakes had fresh blueberries in them, and she made the best coffee to go with them!  Thanks, Steph!!

Her nice kitchen with gas stove!  And the "Love" plaque...

There she is!  Steph herself...

And my pancake.  I was saying "Yummy!" at this point.  It was delicious, but the visit was just as good too.  Friends are awesome!