Beauty Breaking News!

If you live in Athens you have to stop at our CVS and load up on some awesome beauty products!  (Yes, I buy my make-up at drugstores)  At CVS a bit ago, I had to console myself for having had to look at Quickbooks all day by getting some new lip gloss.  And I found Neutrogena brand products on sale!  I love their make-up for their pure products.  Neutrogena is equated with health and beauty--and so dermatologically tested, and so on and so on.  Gals, just go get a little something to pick YOU up!  ...Shot with my nifty iPhone. ;)

Oh,  and a nice lady in Canada who goes by the name Liberty blogged about Claire and me a couple of days ago!  She was so kind to feature us that way.  Check it out here!  You will certainly love her blog--she garners a huge readership, and you'll see why when you pay her a visit--sharp, clean, artsy, interesting.  Go see her!

And one day maybe this will be my life...