News of Changes!

As you know at Carole Foret Fine Art, we don't stand still.  We're always doing new things, and with my painting and workshops growing so much, we are looking forward to a fun slate of workshops to offer and other cool things going on within the gallery.  Our schedule for spring and summer workshops and camps is going to be available by the first of next week, if not sooner, so stay in touch!  If you've ever tried to sign your child up for a camp, you know they fill up fast!

Look for Art House to come this spring, Twins & Friends Art Show to come this summer as well as other exciting opportunities for our friends, whether you are a budding artist or simply an appreciator.  We appreciate all of you!

If you are heading out to the Huntsville Museum of Art Gala tomorrow night--stop and say hello.  I look forward to seeing you there.  It is going to be beautiful, you know it--it always takes my breath away--all the gorgeous decorating.

As my daughter ends her recovery from her tonsillectomy 10 days ago, I'll be back in the studio and gallery more next week.  If you came by, I am sorry I missed you!  Have a blessed weekend!