Solace Coming!

After all the book work there has been to do, I am looking forward to some quiet, relaxing time time this weekend without my cell phone, my laptop, etc. and heading to beautiful Camp Sumatanga for a retreat with our youth from church. Reading will be on my agenda and having some great conversations with the youth and the "oldth" too--the other leaders. I do pray the kids will enjoy their time and grow closer to their Creator--I plan to!

I'm going to take and finish my book I've been reading, Eat Love Pray, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm also planning to take my Dad's latest manuscript too as well as some great audio words from Beth Moore, thanks to Leslie. So it should be great!

See that chair--it's calling my name, and I can just expect a huge fire to be roaring right there in the lodge. Mmm.

I shot these photos a while back when my sister was on her Emmaus Walk in September of 2006. Camp Sumatanga is a beautiful sanctuary near Birmingham, Alabama. Below is the beautiful lake with fog dangling above it--an early morning shot. There is a great hiking trail all around this lake...You have a great weekend!