Creative Spirit Begins!

The workshop idea that has been brewing in my mind for many many months has finally begun! Creative Spirit started today, and I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!! I know the Lord put it on my heart to cultivate this idea and see it happen. As I started marketing it, I was amazed at how quickly it sold out--I even had 2 more than I had intended. I've never had a sell-out workshop 2 full months prior to the start of it--ever! So, this has been blessed from day one. That's how it is when God is in it. Seriously, I believe that. The day started like this:

One of our "Creative Truths" that I had on my Thought Sheet for my students is that God is the Great Creator, and His Creation is His gift to us--our gift back is how we use our own creativity. I so believe that with every sunrise I see. I'm thankful for finally teaching a workshop that approaches creativity from its roots within each of us--our spirits. Praise be to God for this workshop and the beautiful ladies in it! Below is one painting from the day by Larissa. I will spotlight their work for the next 6 weeks....Isn't it awesome? She claims to have not painted much at all prior to today.