In Preparing for Creative Spirit Workshop...

I was looking at Sara Groves' site this morning, and read something there that echoes beliefs I have. Beautiful thoughts about how we are to live in this world--we body of believers. It is quoted below from her site:

God has invited us, as mere human beings, to add to the beauty of his plan and creation. Unbelievable. The Kingdom of God transcends politics and policy, nationality, gender and race. It transcends the way we do church, and makes us a real live body of believers. It gives us the ability to be very different and still bear with one another. It gives us the power to extend the same kind of grace that has been extended to us, and to love each other with a love that never fails. The very real kingdom of God calls out of us, it’s inhabitants, beautiful art, creative lives, and redemptive work

If you know and have listened to Sara's music, you have experienced an amazing ministry. Her writing style is very conversational, the truths of Christ and relaying realness. Check her out.

And let this be a your
Thought for your day. You are loved--so loved! Know that and be blessed....