My Awesome Clients--can't say it enough...

I received emails today from 2 clients who have bought paintings from my Painting Blog and just gotten them. They were so sweet to email me and let me know their thoughts, and I love that. It only fuels me to keep painting! The first one was from a local man who has bought a few pieces from me in the past. He was precious to buy my angel for his baby girl who is turning 2 soon. Read what he wrote:
Hey Carole,

Thanks for the Angel, it is too cool. I know it is the
historian in me but I think people have to make overt
efforts to develop intrinsic value in their lives.
Even "stuff" falls into this equation. Far too oftenwe are reactionary to what others think we should
value, ie family "heirlooms" etc. Unfortunately
"personal history" is often overlooked. I know that
Avery will appreciate the painting for many years.


And another one comes from a man in Texas who received my last Tabasco painting as a gift for Christmas.  He writes:
Carole, I got the painting and LOVE it.  I am amazed by the texture you put on the bottle.  I love it and hope to learn a lot more from it.  Thanks a ton!