New York New York

I just got back from the big apple and had a blast with my daughter Caroline and her 8th grade class. The Sheraton where we stayed in Newark, NJ didn't have the greatest of wireless internet service as I had hoped after lugging my laptop with me in order to blog my trip as it happened. Turns out there wasn't hardly time anyway with every moment planned or any moment wanting to pass out of exhaustion. It's great to be home having had no bad incidents. Thank you to Mrs. May, Mrs. Black, Coach Bailey, Coach Walton, and Coach Fuqua, our awesome tour guide, Michael with Junior Tours and all involved for a wonderful time! Here are just a few activities that were on our itenerary:

Chinatown Shopping
Mamma Mia
Rockefeller Center
Madison Square Garden Tour
Mary Poppins
Metropolitan Museum of Art
5th Avenue Shopping
Madame Toussards Wax Museum
Ground Zero
Empire State Building

Caroline and Me at our first stop: Chinatown! On a mission for cute bags!

Dolce & Gabanna were the hot things out on the street. Coach and Prada were the hot things in the back rooms!

I loved all the color and symbols of current fasion. These are bead strands that I found so interesting...also souvenir statues of liberty.

One awesome thing about this trip is that we saw a Broadway show every night we were there. The first night we saw Mamma Mia, an awesome tribute to the music of ABBA. This was my 4th time to see it! It is awesome! And was the kids' overall favorite. We also saw Mary Poppins and Hairspray which were both awesome as well. I love Broadway!

Caroline and some of her friends out shopping--their favorite NY activity

A Renoir--I thought it was my sister's painting here in the Metropolitan Museum of Art since she painted a version of this painting when we were younger and it looked exactly like this! Claire, you should have seen it!

My highlight was running into Annie Leibovitz and having her snap a quick shot of me at Madame Toussauds! What a treat!