Good Friday

Yesterday was Good Friday, and I suppose it was the meaning of Good Friday that set my mood for the day. By late afternoon I just couldn't decide what to do with the 2 hours of "free" time I had, and the Lord led me to visit my mother. Deep down I think I had a longing to share with someone my grief over my Lord's death--and that's what we did. It was awesome to be able to share that! What I want to share with you is a painting I painted several years ago inspired from an etching by the great Gustav Dore who has created many beautiful etchings depicting Jesus' life. This particular one is of the people taking Jesus from the cross to be buried. I love the peaceful look of Jesus' face, the strength of the men, and the grief that Mary has--a really moving image. This is a Good Friday painting. It is 5 feet tall, 4 feet wide and hangs in my dining room. The photo below gives you a sense of size as it hangs in this 2-story area. Be blessed today--this weekend as we experience Christ's awesome sacrifice for us--for me and for YOU.