Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Carole Foret Fine Art! We wish you the best of holidays and hope that you are with ones you love relaxing and making memories. I, Carole, am still recovering from laryngitis and strep after almost a week! I finally have some time to relax and rest my voice. No one heard me sing at our Sister Grace concert on the 23rd, but I was able to contribute the rhythm with my drums. My father joked that I could do the solo for Silent Night. haha Well, hopefully my voice will be back in the next few days--whispering is getting tiresome...not to my family though. Despite the illness, I have been able to treasure my blessings of family and friends. Relationships! That's what life is really all about. Thank you for being such great friends and clients. Let's look ahead to a great new year! Be blessed, Carole