Christmas Party at the Haught's!

Todd and I attended a beautiful party last night with our friends Herb & Julie Haught who live in the most gorgeous home in The Ledges in Huntsville. (This is the home I'm desperately trying to finish painting for Julie to give to Herb for Christmas!) It was so awesome to see them since it had been quite some time since we'd visited. Julie looked beautiful, the home was decked out in Christmas splendor, the food was out of this world (Chef Julie made all of it!). Best of all was just getting to be with friends celebrating the wonderful holidays! Friends and family make Christmastime special! Thank you Haughts for such a beautiful time!

The Lovely Haught Home

Friends Leslie, Julie and Me

Discussion about paintings from some "unfinished" DaVinci drawings! 2 of them are in this home--both awesome!

Dr. Herb and Julie Haught