Inspiration Time!

I'm headed to New York City Saturday!  I'm taking my daughters, each a friend and my friend and her son and a friend.  Large group for a large time!  I can hardly wait.  I love the energy, culture, art, shopping, eating, shows and a Starbucks on every corner-- it's unbelievable...Above is a restaurant in Greenwich Village, Il Cantinori where I ate when I went with my friend Carla a few years ago--it boasts amazing Tuscan cuisine! The rest of the images are some that I posted as I thought about the excitement that New York City brings to me.  I can't wait to see my daughter Sarah's face as she sees and feels it for the first time!  This trip was planned for her 12th birthday last September.

My favorite skyscraper!  The Art Deco architecture of the Chrysler Building.
Little Italy

And, oh, the New York taxi...

Lady Liberty
The Purse Frenzy

The incredible St. Patrick's Cathedral

And Ferrara's Bakery--Mmmmm!
Oh, we'll be shooting tons of photos, so check out my blog and my Facebook for daily uploads of what we're doing.  Wish you could go with us!
The gallery will be closed from Friday, June 12 - Thursday, June 17 and possibly through June 22.  Just call us to see.  We have alot of traveling this month!
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