Friday, June 26 a National Holiday!

Why?  It's my birthday!! Claire's too. The photo above was taken at our 40th birthday party--street party when we blocked off Market Street on our downtown square.  Fun!  We had a band, danced and had a great time.  I look forward to Claire coming in another week even though we'll miss being together ON our birthday.  Rest assured we'll celebrate when she arrives!
I am excited about 2 things that I have bought myself for my birthday already.
 I can't wait till they arrive!

This awesome trench from my favorite store J. Crew .  Found it on ebay while ago for less. ;)

Some R&F Pigment Sticks  to use for my encaustic painting.  I've waited to get some since they are pricey, and I've never worked with them before, but they look like the ultimate sensual painting experience!  Splurge.
On my wish list:
Black Chucks.  That would complete my materialistic wish list. ;)
Come by my studio and see me on Friday.  I plan to do what I wish all day!