What's In My Studio?

Well, let's start off with original wood floors from the 1800s that I love! There are paint splatters here and there that get scraped up every couple of years or so. There are lots of easels, both standing ones and table ones where you can sit or stand to paint.  Lots of paint--very nice paint that I allow my students to use--no cheap stuff here!  Well, only cheap brushes because they're my favorite!  They push paint the best as far I've found. 

On this side of the studio, there's the wash-up area and coffee bar.  I always have Starbucks coffee on hand and ice water, and maybe a little trail mix and chocolate to go with it. As far as lighting, I have diffused flourescent as well as track lighting--cold and warm in addition to the disco ball that I turn on with my XM Radio (the Groove) in rare cases of blocked creativity.  Boy, does that heal! So, now you see--join me, and we'll be creative together!