The Newest Lovecats!

Last night's Marketing 101 was amazing! I enjoyed each and every attendee so much and absolutely LOVED sharing all I know about interment marketing. You know that feeling of helping someone understand something and the light bulb comes on in thier minds and it shows on their face? Well I had that feeling with 13 people last night. I can hardly wait to offer this workshop again. Probably the best part was when we took a break and had the amazing pork tenderloin, rolls, fruit, goat cheese / crackers that my husband Todd set out for us. Oh my gosh! Was it good! I love it when he can be a part of my events like that.  And I think all these Lovecats were glad he was there too.

Already, a few of these folks have created their own blogs!  I can't wait to visit and read them and COMMENT. ;)  That's showing blog love. :)

Praise God for a wonderful time!