What's Been Going On!

November was really exciting and busy with lots of great classes,  my St. Paul show at my sister Claire Kayser's home.  I am so grateful to all of my awesome students and clients.

These are some who attended the Aubie vs. Big Al Wine & Paint Night, and beautiful Melissa Hood was the only Big Al painter.  Like energy attracts like energy and mostly Aubie painters attended.   But we really were open to more Big Al painters!  It was lots of fun!

A few days later, we had our Wine & Paint Night with Shoes!  These 2 gals came from Huntsville to enjoy time painting and socializing.  Didn't they do a great job??

A couple of days later I was in St. Paul, MN with Claire for her first ever home gallery show.  It was fantastic!  There were about seven of us artists--painters, glass artists, potters, writers. jewelers and live music.  We had some great hors d'oeuvres and tasty wine--thank you to Claire's husband Tom and her mother-in-law Marlene for making it so special!

Carol Bruess was on hand promoting her and Anna Kudak's great books: What Happy Couples Do and their latest: What Happy Parents Do.  You have to check out their site.  They are precious gals!

Claire and I had our new brochures ready to hand out to fun gals who want to get away to cool places and paint!  Check out our site CaroleAndClaire.Com for all the details and to download your brochure and registration form!  Start planning your 2009 getaway now!

The yummy beautiful ch0colates....

The gorgeous flowers placed throughout the house....

Jean Basse's beautiful jewelry....I have some of her bracelets in my gallery here in Athens!