Christmas Time

I love making cookies with my daughters every Christmas.  We took time last night to do that and watch Elf--it was fun!  Gus even got into the spirit too.  You'll have to check out his video, giving a bit of dialogue about the whole event.  It is indeed time to slow down and enjoy family and friends and relish in what God gave us as we celebrate Christmas--a Savior!!

And the most wonderful thing to me at Christmas time is MUSIC!  I have attended and been a part of (with my band Sister Grace) about 9 concerts.  The grand finale was First Baptist Church's "Athens Christmas" and it was truly awe-inspiring.  I love going with my Dad to that each year, and it was simply beautiful, ringing in the lovely meaning of Christmas.  Thanks to Ryan Leffel for directing the Celebration Choir--he and they are so talented!  Below is the spectacular scenery in the sanctuary from the balcony.

As far as recorded music, I have discovered some great new albums and enjoyed older ones as well, but I think my favorite this year is Sarah McLauchlin's Wintersong.