Frank Stitts!

One good thing about shopping this time of year is...well, not much.  BUT!  Last night as I headed to the mall, I knew of an event at Williams Sonoma that was going on, and I happened to make it just in time--imagine that!  Frank Stitts came to talk and cook and sign his latest book Bottega Recipes.  I love Bottega so much and this was going to be a treat to meet the chef who has single-handedly brought rich, regionally grown food to our Southern table.  I loved hearing him discuss the local dairy near Anniston where he gets his milk/dairy products, and the farm that he has developed where he has goats, chickens to grow his own sources of food.  I find that a really cool thing, and I love when people take pride in where they live, and take the local area and let it burst with pride, that which can grow and thrive.  We can truly enjoy to the fullest where we live.  I thought it was funny and true, how he very nicely implied that any restauranteur who uses precut, pre-chopped garlic is not...he never said, but he meant that there's no excuse! I agree.  There is no excuse for not cutting your own cloves of garlic for your fresh pasta.  He went on to say that it is is best used within a half hour that it is cut.  I learned alot, and really enjoyed his being in our area.  I felt really excited about my girls night out at Stitts' Bottega after Christmas that I am planning.