10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy

Looking over a few blogs today,  I came across a great article on Daniel Pink's blog on keys to happiness and found them to be so true:

  1. Savor the present moment!
  2. Don't keep up with Joneses
  3. Don't regard money so highly
  4. Strive for meaningful goals
  5. Be highly motivated
  6. Smile though your heart is...
  7. Treasure family and friends
  8. Feel gratitude and share it
  9. Let exercise be your drug 
  10. Give give give
The whole article/blogpost is worth reading.  I looked up Daniel Pink after my niece mentioned his latest book "A Whole New Mind" that I plan to read soon.  Anyone read it?  Hope these truths are helpful to you as you chill over the holidays and ponder the year past and the year anticipated...Be blessed!