What's in the Bag???

That's the question if you've seen all these black bags with hot pink tissue in them in our windows! Well I'm going to tell you some of what you can purchase as hot, cool, artsy gifts from Carole Foret Fine Art Gallery.

One of our most popular items is our art mugs which feature Carole's original paintings of 2 places: the Athens Square and the Huntsville, Alabama skyline. Both mugs are the grande size mugs made of ceramic, and they can hold lots of coffee, cocoa, tea or whatever your beverage of choice. Perfect by the fire snuggled up on your sofa! During the holidays, they will be sold with our favorite--a pack of cocoa. These are priced at $15, and that includes tax, but not shipping. They are microwave and dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand-washing for best color retention over the years....One of my favorite things about these mugs is that your hand fits easily handling them. My husband likes these for that reason too!

Another item I'm excited about is my Dad's book. Yes, my father Bill Hunt, is an author and is becoming quite well known for his book, "The Last Witness From a Dirt Road" which he has performed lectures, book readings and even theatrical book readings from. It is a PERFECT book for the holidays. Written in the voice of Billy, this is a fictionalized memoir, written in Billy's 12 year old voice. Billy lived on a sugar cane plantation in Bunkie, Louisiana in the 40's--you must read the book and enjoy all that Billy experienced in his relationships during that time. This book has been compared to "To Kill a Mockingbird", but I say, impartially, that it is better. Others have said the same thing....Pick it up in the gallery--$12. Look for more writings as Dad has finished several short stories that are simply awesome! Read more about the book....

Another gift you may purchase at my gallery is a Sister Grace CD or tee! Yes, you can find our CD locally at my gallery as well as online at iTunes. Give the gift of ministry this holidays season!
What genre is our music? Well, we've been called "blue-eyed jazz," folk, indie-sounding--I believe we have a sound all our own. Read more about Sister Grace at their site. Oh yeah, I am one of the girls in the band--if you didn't already know! :) $15

Since this post is becoming very long, I will stop here and show more in the next day or so--including the ULTIMATE COMFY COZY artsy gift. Check back to see that!