Awesome Auburn Weekend!

Oh my goodness--how much better can it get? You go to Auburn, graduate, marry, have kids, grow your art career and so many years down the road, you are standing on display in the window of the coolest art gallery right next to Toomer's Corner--PAINTING! Am I dreaming? Well, no, I wasn't. And it was so much fun!!

Todd and I drove to Auburn Friday and went straight to Auburn Art . Com Gallery--it's pretty new as a physical gallery, but it has been online for a few years now, growing like crazy. They have been selling my prints for about 4 years of my paintings: Samford Hall, After the Win (Toomer's Corner), and now the Momma Goldberg's piece that I did this year. We have had great success selling these canvas reproductions, and we are having even greater success due the opening and location of this awesome gallery. Look for paper prints of these paintings at Auburnart.com soon!

Frank and Ingrid Brown own the gallery and invited me to join them for the Iron Bowl weekend. James Dean was there too! (...of Pete the Cat fame. That was so much fun being with him and his wife Kim!)

Jessie and all the girls that work at the gallery were so great and hospitable too--thank you all so much! (Jessie, where were you??)

Frank's mother Jenneth let Todd and me stay at her precious cabin for the weekend. It is a work of art itself--so quaint and cute. We loved it and appreciated the warm hospitality that Jenneth and Ingrid offered to us. The Auburn-Opelika News wrote a great article about James and my being back in Auburn. Click here to read the article. See the pics:

Below is the goody bag we found upon our arrival from Frank and Ingrid. It had cool auburnart.com t-shirts, great smelling candles and chocolate candies....and they had stocked the fridge with all sorts of great things too. How sweet is that? Thanks, y'all!

After a great lunch at Momma G's, Todd and I headed out, passing the place where it all happened last night--Auburn's 6th straight win over Alabama---WARRRRRRR EEEEAAGLE!!! Just had to do that....The stadium was surrounded by a misty fog today. I'm thankful the rain held off all weekend for such a great time. Stay tuned for some exciting news! In the meantime, jump on over to the painting blog to see the 2 pieces I painted this weekend.