5 Phone Numbers You Need to Know!

5 phone numbers you need to know
5 phone numbers you need to know

OK, I'm still on my Auburn high. Todd (my husband) sent me this cool video from the Today Show that is interesting in and of itself, but includes something cool from our alma mater--the great Auburn University. Check it out!

Another reason I love Auburn is this guy's legacy...

The One and Only Bo Jackson

Bo was at Auburn when I was there. He won the Heisman Trophy when I was there. Oh my goodness! I've never seen so much toilet paper at Toomer's--EVER, than that night. No kidding, it was 2 FEET thick in the street. That is one of my greatest memories of my time at Auburn... Bo was in my school of Home Economics, and I used to work out in the same weight room as he did when I played tennis at Auburn my sophomore year. I'm not saying I knew him, but we spoke on a few occasions....(relishing the memories for a second) And I'm sure I acted like some stupid, giddy, starstruck fan too. :) He was cool. Still is. Read this great story that Todd sent me:

Bo Knows Best