Auburn Weekend

This weekend, I am attending the Auburn vs. Vandy game--I'm so excited!! Especially after that win against Florida last Saturday, I'm fit to be tied. The weekend is extra special since my father-in-law is one of the 1957 Auburn Football team members being honored for the 50th anniversary of National Championship title.
Another reason I can't wait to immerse myslef in the energy and warmth of my alma mater's campus is that I just finished reading one of the most awesome books I've ever read. And that was "Hard Fighting Soldier" by Chette Williams, the Auburn football team chaplain. (Don't tell him, but I'm bringing a copy to my father-in-law!) If you are an Auburn fan, alum, student--you have got to read this book!! Run! Get it now! Chette's story is truly amazing, and that he became the chaplain of Auburn's team is due to this man, our Coach Tommy Tuberville. If it weren't for his personal spirituality, Auburn football wouldn't be nearly what it is or has been the past several years.
An interesting thing to note about this Saturday's game is that the players are going to be decked out in some "retro" uniforms that are much like the ones worn back in 1957. There will no commercialized AU logo on the helmets--instead just the beautiful navy blue and burnt orange stripes. Take notice when you watch. Well, I hope to be sippin' some Toomer's Drug lemonade Saturday while I walk by Auburnart.com's new store (with my prints in the window) as well as rollin' Toomer's Corner! War Eagle!