My Dad at Storytelling Event!

I am so proud of my Dad! (Bill Hunt) He has gone to LSU Alexandria (Louisiana) this weekend to be featured in their storytelling festival. His book along with, "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Twelve Years a Slave" are ones being featured this weekend. Imagine writing a book that is grouped with those two! This is a recent photo of my Dad from his book cover. If you haven't ever read his book, "Last Witness From a Dirt Road," you must read it. It is a fictionalized memoir of a time in the 40's when "Billy" was 12 years old, living as the son of an overseer of a sugar cane plantation in Louisiana. It's a perfect time to cozy up near a fire with some some coffee or cocoa and read! The book is available in many stores--amazon, barnes and noble, so grab one at your first chance. This photo is a shot of my Dad when he was 12 years old--the age that he is in this book.

Storytelling festivals are wonderful! They feature such awesome speakers who can share in an artful way stories about life! Athens is having their storytelling festival right now! So come on downtown and enjoy!