New Music on my Site!

As you know, I feature great music on my site, and I like to promote those artists! Right now if you go to caroleforet.com, you will hear Faith Hill sing an awesome song made known to me by my husband (we like to share music). It's called "Fireflies" and it is such a down home song that reminds every woman of how we felt as little girls. I love it! I believe Lori McKenna wrote it, and her version is really great too.
The second song on my site is by a fairly new and happenin' Christian artist, Brandon Heath. This song is so awesome, with lyrics that describes a Christian journey--about the change that takes place in a person when they surrender themselves over to God. The song is called "I'm Not Who I Was." Brandon has been nominated for Best Male Artist of 2007 in the CCM Magazine Readers' Choice Awards. Check him out! Brandonheath.net.
My third song is by a French artist Amel Bent. She is hot! The song is called "Ma Philosophie," and I chose it for the coolness of it. Because of it being in French, it reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time too--"Amelie." Have you ever seen that movie? If you're an artist, graphic designer or photographer, you will especially like it for its cinematography.