Tonsils and Uvulas

How big is your uvula? That "punching bag" thing hanging in the entrance of our throat. Don't ever take it for granted--the way it protects your "windpipe" from food when you swallow, and how it covers your esophagus when you take a breath. Well, mine is a little different right now. It's gargantuan and causing me trouble.

I had my tonsils out this morning! OUCH! And although the real pain is to not come till day 3 or so, my biggest issue is my uvula. It is so swollen that I can only sleep on my tummy so that gravity will keep it off my trachea so that I can breathe. Oh, this is only the beginning of my 2 to 3 week recovery from this surgery. But I am going to be tough. I have been a strep carrier for quite some time. It even developed into scarlet fever twice the past couple of years. It was time to say goodbye to my tonsils where all that lives--deep down inside of them.

When the time came to choose an ENT surgeon, I didn't have to look far. My friend from Mission Makeover was my definitive choice. Dr. Ben Light is a board certified facial plastic surgeon as well as an ENT. FYI: A few years ago, before deciding to practice in Decatur, AL, Dr. Light was invited to practice at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, but he and his lovely wife Diana chose Decatur to live and raise their 4 children. That always impressed me. With every step along the way to my tonisillectomy today, Dr. Light has been the utmost in dignity and caring. I would so appreciate any prayers for a speedy recovery, and that my voice will not only return, but be even better than it was! I asked for the Celine Dion package-ha! Well, the speedy recovery would be enough. Be blessed!