Fashion Minsitry and Retail Therapy

Did you know that fashion is one of my ministries? Yes. This belt buckle says it all. Believe! What do you believe? What should you believe? This buckle is ministering to me right now. As the pain in my throat worsens, as it will for the next few days, I have to BELIEVE that this is going to pass. I have to believe and have hope. My hope is that the Lord is going to deliver me from this pain and restore in me the energy and fervor for life that I've always had, but haven't for some time because of this infection that's been living in my tonsils. I look forward to feeling like myself, but an even better self after conquering this experience!

This belt came from Dillon Rogers. They make some cool leather branded belts, bracelets, necklaces and other cool artsy fashion items. You've got to check them out! Thanks to my friend Steph for such a great shot of my Believe belt the day we, Sister Grace, recorded vocals in the studio. :)

And last night, I sought out some retail therapy through eBay and a
J. Crew store. There were 2 coats that I've been wanting that came up for auction. I won them both for great deals!! Now that is therapy! It helped me forget my pain for quite some time.