Great Weekend Memories

A huge part of my memories from the great experiences I get to have in my life is music. This weekend was no exception. I had been enjoying my Taylor Hicks CD and knew that my friend Marcia had been as well since we were both fanatic this summer at the American Idol concert in Birmingham.

So, I was mainly sharing it with Claire until we picked Marcia up in Birmingham on the way down to the coast. When Claire arrived from MN, she shared wih me an awesome young lady singer whom I'm really excited about. When Marcia got in the car, she confirmed, Yes! on Taylor's music but said, "You've got to check out Corrine Bailey Rae!" That's the same girl that Claire was buzzing about too! So, yes! These are 2 great CDs that were a part of our weekend on those long rides coming and going. Check 'em out!

We got in from our fabulous Girls Getaway Weekend at Rosemary Beach last night, and man, what a great time. I'm tired, but reeling from all the excitement of having met so many awesome ladies and being with close friends, enriching those relationships. How thankful I am--we are. Claire feels the same way! (She is flying back up to cold Minnesota in few minutes). You can see the videos below of some of our weekend. Claire will be updating her blog soon to include our Saturday night that was so full of great times, great friends, great dancing!!