Dragonfly Art Opening!

Carl Gleghorn's annual Holiday Show featured several of us artists. His gallery is awesome and totally cool! Located in beautful downtown Fayetteville, Tennessee, it was a hit a few nights ago when this opening was held. I loved it because come that afternoon, I had been so tired and didn't foresee having the energy to drive up to Fayetteville, but my awesome Dad, came by my studio and told me he would take me (since my husband was out of town). So I agreed to gather up my energy! We went and had a wonderful time as I knew we would. Carl said one of my 3 paintings there had sold before he could actually open the show! I was really fired up. While I was there ANOTHER sold. So, wasn't I blessed? That's what happens when you do the right thing even though you're tired! What was nice too is that my Dad (the renouned author, Bill Hunt) met some nice people through my artist friend JOANNA, and now he is going to be doing a book reading up in Fayetteville! Wasn't he blessed for offering to drive me up there? I love noticing blessings like that! Be sure to notice yours because they are there...
Notice Dragonfly's cool window decor!

Carl and his beautiful wife

Artist friends JOANNA and Connie Ulrich

My Dad and artist friend Sloane Bibb