Crab Night Fun!

Last night's Crab Night was so much fun!  I had a full house of fun folks, and we got to painting.

 I love watching their paintings evolve from a white canvas as we tone first, then begin the first stage, then the next, then voila!  They begin to emerge one by one!  

And the greatest, most fascinating thing is that they are all so different--very individualistic!  I love that!  Out of 18 people's pieces, none of them looks like another's.

And after everyone leaves, I use the left-over paint on each person's palette and tone canvases.  There was so much paint left last night that I painted for another hour and a half and covered over 14 canvases!!  I will have to hire an assistant to help me next time!  But look at the colorful pieces I have created.  Fun....