Business Person of the Year!

photo by Kim Rynders of the Athens News Courier

Tuesday of this week the Athens Chamber of Commerce held their annual luncheon that honors its members with 4 top awards and the new president is welcomed. After a delicious meal with the beautiful decor and nearly 200 in attendance, award time came. A person would approach the podium and give a this-is-your-life type introduction to the anonymous person until it became clear who it was. I was shocked to realize after a few sentences given by Mary Nelle Clem (pictured with me) for the Business Person of the Year, that she was describing ME! I couldn't believe it. With all the amazing business people in attendance--2 of them my brothers whom I admire so much for the business skills, I was the one chosen. I still can't believe it. I am so grateful to those who nominated me, and of course, I give all glory to God for what He gives me each day to do what I do. It's amazing what happens when you take the gifts God gives you and go with them!