I Want A Few More Pilgrims!

For the Facing Jesus Paintng Tour I am seeking 20 Pilgrims. To read all about what this ministry is for the painting entitled, "Facing Jesus", read the Facing Jesus Blog. I want 7 more Pilgrims. If interested, please email me with your request and your mailing address. The current Pilgrim List:

Claire Kayser, St. Paul, MN
Kelly Cain, Athens, AL
Jan Jeffreys, Athens, AL
Tina Swindell, Athens, AL
DeAnna McNeill, Athens, AL
Jennifer Morrison, Athens, AL
Allison Caputo, Huntsville, AL
Julie Haught, Huntsville, AL
Sabrina Query, Zurich, Switzerland
Starr DeGraffenried, Athens, AL
Karen Smith, Huntsville, AL
Melissa Wright, Athens, AL
Lisa Wallace, Florence, AL
Andrea Pope, Huntsville, AL
Regina Wood, Athens, AL
Cathie Mayne, Huntsville, AL
Carroll Lane Parsons, Columbus, MS
Glinda Clardy, Huntsville, AL