Thoughts for Today

I just wanted to share with you a lovely thought from Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest." It is actually from yesterday, August 4th. After some friends and I talked at breakfast, I thought more about what we were talking about-- our personal walk with Christ, going to the right church, doing the right things, etc. and we all concluded that our relationship with God/Christ is the most important thing. .

Oswald reiterates:
"The main thing about Christianity is not the work we do, but the relationship we maintain (with Him) and the atmosphere produced by that relationship." He goes on to say, "That is all God asks of us..." So I believe that we are called to have a deeply loving, abiding relationship with Christ, then all else will fall into place. That relationship manifested in us may mean that we attend several different churches in our lives, do different works, make new friends, but the one constant and growing thing is our abiding in Christ and that light that shines from us. That joy evident in our faces! THAT is what we have when we choose to have Christ in our hearts, souls and minds. This personal "abiding" transcends all man-made ideas of doctrine in churches, which church to go to, or any other man-made law or habit that we have grown up with.

The Holy Spirit is present at all times--especially more now than ever. He is working constantly--never stagnant. Let's open our minds and hearts to Him and let Him work in each of us in the way He wants to NOW. In this present moment. Now. All we have is this very moment. Let's choose Him now.