Calling all Creative Spirit Students...

The Creative Spirit Workshop is the greatest of all workshops that I teach in that it is one that teaches us to approach our creativity from its source, our spirit, and The Spirit. It is an 8-week, God-centered workshop where we spend one hour in my lounge area snacking and talking over "Thought Sheets" that I have written special for the class each week. These talks work to help each person ultimately become unblocked in their creativity, and to free each woman into her artist.

After that first hour, we paint for 2 hours. These 2 hours are much like my typical workshops, where I will most often paint a demonstration and the students paint afterwards. By the 3rd or 4th week, some can paint on their own. But always, I am there to assist anyone individually. If a need arises to miss a class, then a make-up date is offered for students who have missed. All supplies, reading material, and snacks are included each week.

As you can imagine, a bond is built among the women that carries from week to week. We begin our workshop as women and end it with each discovering the artist within. We plan reunion time where students can get together to check in with each other.  That is alot of fun!

The Creative Spirit tuition is $595. But for those now interested, I am offering it to you $50 off the fee. 
It includes:
All art supplies for 8 weeks
Hors d'oeuvres during the class
A custom apron
A journal
All reading materials written by Carole
The class is offered on Tuesdays beginning August 12 (through Sept. 30) in the morning from 9-12 or evening from 6-9. Each class must have an enrollment of at least 4 for the class to be held.

If you haven't seen the page on my site, please look at that as well to see some additional words about it and some quotes from former students--like this one from a thank you note I received:

"I have had such a great time in our Creative Spirit class. It has "awakened" me to embrace each day with more passion, more joy, and more creativity! Thank you so much!! God has surely used you to both minister and be a blessing to me and others..."