Thank YOU!

Claire and I had a fantastic Twins & Friends Show last night--along with Jean Basse from Chicago with her beautiful jewelry. We loved people walking out with paintings all bejeweled with Jean's handmade pieces! Thank you so much to all the new faces I saw last night. I didn't get to speak to everyone, and that is always the pitfall to having a show with tons of people walking through. So, yes, despite the monsoon--5 inches of rain that fell yesterday afternoon, knocking power out until 6:45, we carried on and opened the doors for our 7pm show. Praise God! Thank YOU for coming. Here are a few images from last night...

I was glad to have Kim Jameson from Tennessee come in for the day and evening to give us her awesome help with the food.  Thanks, Kim!  You rock!  We were enjoying a great lunch at Luciano's next door to my gallery...

The Twins--my sister Claire Kayser and me.  My daughter designed my wardrobe for the night--what do ya think?  

My brother Carl and his wife Lacey, Will Fleming and Claire.

People enjoying my giclee catalog in the gallery.  The curly-haired chic, my friend Carla Swinney.

The highlight of my night--my favorite faces walking out with big paintings!  Thank you, Sabrina!  She says these are going to be perfect in her beach home on the Atlantic coast.  
I would think so!

Lacey, my beautiful sister-in-law left with one of my latest pieces--an encaustic painting called "Celebration."  How do we look in Jean's necklaces?

Congratulations to Julie Jones for winning a spot in an upcoming Wine & Paint Night!

If you missed the show--the paintings will be up for a while longer.  I also have a few of Jean Basse's jewelry pieces in the gallery that I hope you'll come in and see.  But hurry--they're going fast.  Someone came in and bought a bracelet today!  Thank you to all who came and to all who helped, Claire and I really appreciate it!  Always, our joy is seeing and visiting with YOU.  We'll see you again next year for Twins & Friends!