My Favorite Things This Summer...

I discovered some things this summer that have made my life more enjoyable that I just wanted to share with you! One of the things is something I've used forever that is just a trusty, comfy thing I use and depend on.
The Ped Egg totally rocks!  Was walking in CVS one night and grabbed it, and it has made my feet softer than they have been since I was a baby!  Get one--or 3 to share with your friends!

And then the entire month of June was filled with visits to Dr. Daley in Athens for the repair of my neck curvature.  Even my massage therapist wouldn't see me until I had seen a chiropractor.  I was scared to death and had been told for years that I needed to see one.  Well, with Dr. Daley--I became a believer!  He was wonderful, and now I have restored range-of-motion in my neck that I had been missing for quite some time.  I'll show you next time I see you!   So, I tell you, not to be afraid, and go see Dr. Daley and Dr. Lawrence at Athens Chiropractic - Health Source. 256.233.7776

Another thing I just discovered yesterday at Dan Tera Spa here in Athens is this awesome candle by Aveda--called Shampure Soy Candle. Read about it:
Calming aroma of 25 pure flower and plant essences—including certified organic lavender, petitgrain and ylang ylang—in a candle that burns cleanly, completely.
• up to 50 hours of aroma
• 95% recycled glass holder
• 100% recycled refill cup
And another thing you do with it is dip your finger in the warm wax while it is burning, and the wax doubles as wonderful hand moisturizer!  That hooked me. Visit their site here!

One last thing that I love--those who know me well already know this, but I can't live without this lip balm.  I've been a Carmex user since 1985 while attending Auburn University--a fellow student introduced me to it.  You can find it now in all sorts of dispensers, but my favorite is still the metal-lid tub.  It sits on my nightstand and is applied EVERY night--instant gratification for my lips.

I realize this post was totally random, but I like to share my favorite things.  Do you have some to share??  Do so by commenting!