Awesome Art Academy

I had 2 dynamic young gals this week apprenticing with me for my Art Academy. We had a blast! Olivia and Ann Sutton painted like crazy in the studio, one day outside across the street at the courthouse lawn, and today we ended with the girls experiencing encaustic painting for the first time. They loved it! I think people are easily falling in love with encaustic art.  We also shot photos of their art and set up their painting blogs--check them out and give them some love with some comments about their art!

My encaustic pieces that I painted in California in May and some I've done since setting up my encaustic studio are what I'll be showing at our Twins & Friends show coming up July 31!  Don't miss that show as my twin sister Claire will be here with all her newest pieces.  There's more to tell, but I'll post a separate post about it.