Happy Birthday, Carla!

Yesterday was my friend Carla's birthday--her 4? birthday! haha!  We got together for the first time in tooooo long to share a birthday lunch.  We ate at Limestone Bay Trading Co. in beautiful Mooresville, AL--a place where I have been wanting to eat for quite some time.  In the lovely springtime weather we ate outside.  Despite the pollen-filled air, it was really nice, and let me tell you, the food was wonderful!  So fresh and tasty.  The best thing was catching up with Carla and sharing what all we have been doing and HOW we are doing.  It was a warm time. 

The inside of the restaurant, full of charm and Southern hospitality
with homemade jellies and baked goods....mmm!

After that great time, I had a chance to enjoy some sweet time at Starbucks before to pick up my daughter--enjoying a cappuccino and listening to and watching (on my iTouch) the 6th webcast of Oprah and Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth discussion.  Man!  It was great!  I can't tell you what this study has done for me.  I praise God for what the two of them are doing to help us create peace within ourselves and collectively as the world.  I loved the beautiful way Eckhart described the crucifixion of Jesus--endearing me ever much more to my dear Lord...Oh!  Did you see the American Idol contestants sing "Shoud to the Lord??"  What is going on?  God is good...Be blessed!