The Week in Review

The 3-day painting workshop I taught this week was so much fun!  The ladies did a fabulous job on their paintings.  The weather got too chilly to paint outside like we had hoped, but we made up for it inside the studio.  Thank you Michele, Becky, Meg, and Angie for allowing me to spend time with you painting.  Thank you too for the awesome snacks you contributed to our snack stash!  Yummy!

What have I been up to this weekend?  Well, Sister Grace was honored to be the entertainment for the Huntsville American Cancer Society Survivor Dinner to kick off  "Relay for Life" that took place Friday night.  In the picture above, we are with Lindsey Jones, the Alabama junior spokesperson for the ACS.  What in inspiration Lindsey is with her positive attitude after her battle with cancer at her young age left her blind!  She is involved in many activities--ballet, tap, band (snare drums) and Girl Scouts.  Does she let her handicap stop her? She sang a beautiful inspirational song and spoke like she were some adult.  So precious!
There were about 650 people at this dinner, and we were so honored to be a part of a huge group of heroes for the evening.  Thanks to Bennie Jacks and Tricia Motts for asking us to be a part.  To learn more about being a part of Relay for Life for the ACS, click here.

On Saturday morning, I was honored again to be on WAFF 48 talking about my art.  I've been on the set of news stations many times but mostly for Mission Makeover, so it was great to be talking about my art.  Georgi Bragg's Saturday morning news show is awesome, and it was great to finally meet her.  How did it come to be that I was on her show?  My newsletter. She got one that someone forwarded to her several months ago, and it all went from there.  A testament to the power of email newsetters!  Georgi is such an awesome person.  Read more about her here.  Thank you, Georgi!

And today--Sunday, my Dad and I took a little time to go to the Huntsville Museum of Art's Leonardo DaVinci invention exhibit.  Some friend of ours had won awards in a competition celebrating the inventions--they had made inventions of their own.  Marty and Kenny Davis are so smart and creative, and thier inventions were impressive!

If you get a chance, go to the museum and see on view my favorite things I saw today--the illustrations of J. C. Leyendecker.  His art was used for advertisements back in the early 1900's for Kelloggs Cereals as well as the Saturday Evening Post. He may not have been as popular as Norman Rockwell, but I believe he was every bit as talented.  I loved looking at these paintings!