Fresh Off My Easel

This is a large piece that I was finally able to do. I've had this canvas sitting in my studio for a while now, and all I've been doing lately are smaller pieces. It was time for a big one! I was inspired by some other artists online as I love looking at and studying the works of other great artists. This week I discovered Michael Naples' daily painting gallery online, and loved the growth I've seen his work take the past year since he has painted daily. He had some pears that I loved. Now pears--people know that I have painted them a million times in my past, but I just had to try it with an awesome sense of dramatic light like Michael did in a couple of his paintings. This was done with lots of paint and with a knife in most places, so it has some texture. I finished it off with a satiny gloss varnish. Acrylic on Canvas, 40x30, $1400

This piece will be available at The Commissary Design Warehouse in Birmingham, AL by the weekend. I'm delivering it tomorrow. It will also be available in most sizes as a giclee print on canvas. Just inquire!