Rick and Bubba Show!

I am just sharing with you a fun secret! I am now a member of the X-treme Club on the Rick & Bubba website, and it is already paying off. I heard part of the show last week when they were reading to the World's Largest Classroom for Read Across America Week. They chose the book Green Eggs and Ham--my favorite childhood book! It was so funny--the part that I heard. I missed part of it getting ready and off to work, but I was so hoping that my daughter's class was tuning in and wanted to call her teacher, etc. but was moving too fast. Well, Sarah told me when I picked her up from school that they indeed tuned in to it and loved it!

With the X-treme Club membership, I was able to find that clip in the archives and enjoy it all over again plus hear the parts I missed. What I love about the comedic duo is that they are indeed funny, but most of all, they are mighty men of God--it's just simply part of who they are and many days part of the show.  Do you listen to Rick and Bubba? If you haven't--you absolutely must!  I listen to them on WQRV 100.3 The River.  They rock!