Girlfriend Paint Party!

Tuesday night, a group of fun ladies had me over for a Paint Party (a "GIRLFRIEND" one) in Huntsville, and we had a blast! Michele had a spread of great food and wine and had set us up in her beautiful dining room with protective plastic on her table and floor, and the we were free to create without much worry about messing anything up. I hauled in my tub of supplies, and then we were ready! Our subject we chose to paint was some cool martini glasses and olives that we added from our imagination to complete our paintings. I loved working with these lively gals--they just seemed to melt into the "therapy" and relaxation that creating can bring! Thank you Michele, Candy, Susan, Sonya, Courtney, Elizabeth and Anne!

If you are interested in getting a group together for a fun time with wine, paint--girlfriends, couples, etc., just call the studio and we can get you on the calendar!  Download the Paint Party PDF for all the info....