My First Encaustic Painting!

Ta da! I received my paintings on Tuesday from my workshop in Carmel, and I've been so excited about it. I am really proud of some of them since abstract subjects have never come easy to me. But with the encaustic technique of paintng quickly and fusing each layer with a blow torch, abstracts were pretty fun and easy to try. It takes a little bit of going with the flow as you learn to use the torch as a tool or paint brush. So much fun! So this one was one I worked really hard to get smooth and a pure white. That wasn't easy, as I realized that "dinking up" your colors is very easy to do and something I try to avoid in my usual painting. So keeping a pure white was a challenge. Thank you to William Harsh for all the great instruction! So tell me what you think! I plan to show them all in July at my "Twins & Friends Show"--so stay tuned for all the details and plan to come!