My Awesome Clients!

I have the greatest clients. If you've seen my calendar on my site, you know I'm painting "full time" right now--vs. alternating my time between painting and photography. It is GET-PAINTINGS-DONE-IN-TIME-FOR-CHRISTMAS time! And they are getting done one by one. There is a year-long waiting list for a commissioned painting. I'm learning to face that fact. I'm actually working on paintings that were commissioned in August of '06--that famous month when there were about 5 or 6 paintings commissioned in a week's time. Wow!

Last week, a client of mine from Birmingham was finally made known to me! I mean, we communicated through email then I went to photograph her home in Birmingham, and now 16 months later, we finally actually meet. It was a wonderful day when Carla came last Friday. We had lunch together at the awesome Lagniappe's Cafe right next door to my studio, then went to see my home and my parents' home--Carla is a rep for designer furnishings, etc. and is about to build a new home. So we toured around and had such a blessed time together. As I've said before, that right there is the joy of my work. Relationships! They are so meaningful to me. Our time together was the icing on the cake, having worked so hard on her house portrait. AND she loved it! That's icing too. ;)

Leslie shot this of Carla and me--isn't she cute???

And this is Dave Henry whose home is on beautiful Smith Lake. Remember seeing the beginning of this painting and the beautiful water of Smith Lake on my painting blog?? Dave was really pleased with his painting too!