My Awesome Dad

Yesterday was Father's Day, and I spent time with my Dad at lunch. Everyday is like Father's Day since we often call each other at work and go have coffee at Pablo's up town. Our offices are just a few steps from each other on the square. My Dad knows how much I love and admire him for being such a good-hearted man as well as an amazing business man. In his retired years, he has written an amazing book that is selling so well, allowing him to travel for book readings and theatrical events about the book. I could have never had a more awesome Dad! One of my favorite memories is when we would work together in the yard on a Saturday, and my sister and I would do cartwheels while my Dad would sit and watch--and even critique. He has always been there for me and given me the time I needed. That is huge! Thank you for being an amazing father! I love you. :)