Art Camp Week!

Today my art camps began--and I had a ball teaching these kids! I haven't taught really young kids in a long time, and it was so refreshing to be sitting and teaching these little ones. They were so precious! I utilized somewhat the Monart method of teaching, and it is amazing how quickly young eyes begin to see the world around them more like an artist and can, therefore, amaze themselves with what they can draw. Just an FYI, Katie and Marcie on the right of the image are sisters--both Chinese girls adopted from China. Marcie is an albino Chinese girl--the only person I have ever seen like that in my life. She is so unique and so beautiful! Both of them--all of these children are! They lit up my day today, and I look forward to the rest of the camp with them. We will paint tomorrow--self portraits!

Proud to show their art!

A sneak peek at the painting I demo-ed for the kids...a hint: crawfish!